Sunday, 21 July 2013

Best Points from ICTT2013 for Medical Tourism Facilitators

Last month I participated in India’s first travel technology conference and exhibition organized by ATTOI at the Leela Hotel, Kovalm, Kerala. It was really lovely experience to meet some well-known figure and learn new ideas from them like Mr. Adam Franklin, Mrs. Selina Power, Mrs. Sheila Scarborough, Mr. Bicky Carlra, Mrs. Nisha Jha and organizing committee. No doubt Mr. Adam’s Top 15 international travel technology tips- ICTT 2013 and Nisha’s blog ICTT Conference are very interesting and informative, but I am here only to raise those points which are best fit for Medical Tourism.

1. Art of Listening and responding; Ms. Sheila Scarborough learnt very simply art of listening which is very important part of Medical tourism. Medical tourism agencies are nothing but bridge to fulfill the gap between healthcare providers and patients. At this point we only identify the problems when we listen carefully and convey to the doctors. It is not possible to provide special care and attention to each and every patient without knowing his problem. Apart from that we should also appreciate the good comments and feedbacks. She said we are asked all the time about responding the negative stuff, but the real problem is ignoring the good things that people are saying.

2. Number game is nothing; Mr. Chad Wiebesick’s advices for Medical tourism industries are not to worry about number game. Only numbers doesn’t play a role to judge ROI on the web. Major thing is their engagement, age group and their ability to avail your product or services. If children/ minors are active on your social page then you are not going to benefit from them or very low as they make ready their parents to avail your services. So use networks where your audience is at.

3. Blogging Flourish your marketing; Mr. Adam Franklin appointed that blog is fuel to flourish your business and marketing strategy due to fresh and unique contents. Medical tourism bloggers should write about general issues, medical procedures, new trends in the industry and safety measure pre/ post surgery instead of boosting yourself. It is not a matter that how long or big blogs are.

4. Attract, Interact and Convert; Mr. Suresh babu advises the Medical tourism industry to use long word keywords as search option because it brings more traffic compare to 1-2 keywords. Medical tourism is also work as a chain system as one happy patient recommends another one, so need to interact many people and converts them into prospective client.

5. Do proper research; Medical tourism industry need proper research for knowing the potential market for their services and what will attract more people to use this service. Medical tourism which mostly depends on inbound patients needs proper information about target country, their healthcare system and method of response by government. It is interesting to know that some country provide free healthcare to its citizen and if we spent our potential to those countries its only west of time and energy.

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  1. It was nice meeting you at ICTT! Thanks for the nice conference summary and sharing the photo!

    Chad Wiebesick