Thursday, 19 September 2013

Definition of beauty across the Globe

Do you looking for Cosmetic Surgery? Are you planning for Constructive treatment in abroad? Then what is your ideal beauty, tall, slim, big breasts, long hair or black eyes…..?? Please have a look on measurement of beauty across the globe
·         Iraq The most popular cosmetic surgery in Iraq is rhinoplasty - reshaping the nose.
·         Afghanistan Eyelid lifts are one of the most popular surgeries among Afghan women.
·         China The average height for a woman is 5ft 2, yet some are going through painful surgery to lengthen their legs as height is a sign of status and success.
·         Tibet Most popular operation is nose surgery. Usually Tibaties person’s face is flat compared to Asians.
·         India Since it has been published in Media that Zero figure is popular, Tummy tuck/ Abdominoplasty is become popular.
·         Iran Rhinoplasty to make noses smaller and upturned is very popular just like its neighbor country Iraq.
·         Nigeria the most common procedures for Nigerians are Breast lift and Breat Reduction.
·         Thailand & most Asian countries If you’re white-skinned you’re considered rich, as it means you don’t work in the sun all day. As a result, skin-lightening creams are big business.

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