Thursday, 27 June 2013


Do you know more than one language? Are you curious about the medical Interpretation?  Considering expanding your services from literal translation to healthcare interpretation but don’t know how to get started? Here are some ideas to set you on the right course.

Step #1. Start with Hospitals and Healthcare providers
In the beginning, focus on the health and wellness industry and connect with local hospitals, healthcare providers. You can also include in this list alternative programs like Unani, Ayurwedic and naturopathy. Then consider marketing in partnership with them. In fact co-operation with each other builds your recognition among the foreigners who are unable to understand local languages. You can also collaborate with medical tourism facilitators who deal with global patients.
Step #2. Learn Medical Terminologies
Medical interpretation is different from daily conversation so familiarize yourself with basic medical terminology. Keep in mind that medical terminology needs proper research, continuous practices and correct delivering so you can assure clients that they will receive quality services. You should also understand the basic anatomy and physiology along with common procedures.
Step #3. Understand the ethical issues
Medical Interpretation is one of the most responsible services. Code of ethics prevents the patients’ rights on the other side “it presents a standard of behavior that will improve medical interpreters’ professionalism and their ability to serve clients”. International Medical Interpreters Association has set code of Ethics, find this . Remember one misinterpretation can claim lives.
Step #4. Prepare Internet Strategy
Use the internet to promote yourself and differentiate your services from the competitors. There are many web portals which provide web listing free of cost in the column of “Find an Interpreter” or like that. Your name and contact details will show for those who are looking for medical interpreters. You can also invest in paid search advertising in order to attract traffic to yourself.
Step #5. Have a plan
While moving into the medical interpretation, take it slow. Don’t jump into most complicated medical procedures initially and start with easy procedures. Before moving into more complicated but lucrative parts of business, learn about the interpretation and educate yourself about specific procedures. You can also earn certificates in medical interpretation from reputed institution.


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